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Decorative sandblasting is no longer a popular option for adorning the glass in your home, as there are a number of downsides to using this medium. Here’s why we think decorative sandblasting is very possibly fading into obscurity.

Sandblasting is a dangerous exercise.

Sandblasting is the forceful projection of a stream of abrasive particles onto a surface. It is commonly propelled by compressed air or steam and silica sand is most often used as the abrasive particle. Sandblasting – apart from being used to create decorative glass designs – is often used for cleaning ship hulls, stone buildings and metal surfaces or for removing paint from any one of these surfaces. This is highly dangerous work that can result in serious bodily harm in the event of an accident.

Sandblasting can cause harm to human beings.

It is the use of silica sand that gives sandblasting its name. Silica is particularly harmful sand and can cause Silicosis to the users. The crystalline silica particles that are invisible to the human eye are created through the blasting of the silica on a surface. These particles are fine enough for humans to inhale and this can cause lung disease and lung cancer.

Decorative sandblasting is an expensive undertaking that will inconvenience you and everyone in your home.

Decorative sandblasting can prove to be an expensive exercise. It requires removing your glass panes, having them treated off-site and then reinstalling them. This can create a lot of upheaval and mess in your home, making for an inconvenient disruption of your space.

Decorative sandblasting will weaken the glass being treated.

The glass that is treated with decorative sandblasting is weakened as up to 2mm is taken off the surface of the glass. Using this medium will also permanently change the glass. You cannot alter the design or refurbish the glass; you will need to purchase new glass if you wish to change it.

This technique can cause you to do more window cleaning than you might have expected.

The decorative sandblasting process creates tiny pores in the design and these easily trap oils, grease, dirt and grime, which result in a grubby look. You may find that you need to clean the sandblasted glass quite often and greasy marks can be notoriously difficult to clean.

The privacy offered is not foolproof.

While decorative sandblasting offers privacy when dry, the frosted effect is diminished when the glass is wet. Whether you are cleaning the windows or whether you have sandblasted glass in your bathroom, as soon as the water hits the surface the element of privacy will be compromised.

Last but not least, decorative sandblasting offers no added benefits.

Decorative sandblasting is really a purely aesthetic choice when considering frosted glass as a window treatment. It does give a unique feel to the glass and can capture a stream of natural light in a way that other mediums cannot, however that is where its benefits end.  For instance, sandblasted glass does not offer any UV protection as vinyl window frosting or tinting does.

If you enjoy the design element that frosted glass creates, you no longer need to consider decorative sandblasting as your only option. Window Art offers frosted window vinyl decals that replicate the effect of decorative sandblasting and offer many added benefits. Browse through our gallery for a taste of our design range or get creative and design your own.

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