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Blinds and curtains come with certain drawbacks, which contemporary alternatives eliminate. So before you go out and buy some brand new blinds and curtains, take a moment to consider some modern substitutes.

Frosted window vinyl provides privacy while still letting in 93% of natural light.

Blinds and curtains are commonly installed for privacy purposes. However, when closed, blinds and curtains not only provide privacy, they also block out all natural light. This means that you are then forced to use artificial lighting inside.

Frosted window vinyl is an excellent privacy glass solution, allowing you to control the amount of privacy through how much frosting is included in your decal design. One of the most notable benefits of frosted window vinyl is that it provides privacy while still preserving 93% of natural light. This means that you can still enjoy natural light without feeling exposed to your neighbours.

It’s important to note that while frosted window vinyl doesn’t block natural light, it does block harmful UV rays. This not only protects you and your family from skin damage, it also protects your furniture from fading and sun damage.

Frosted window vinyl is more cost-effective than blinds and curtains.

Blinds and curtains can be expensive, especially when covering sliding doors or large, double volume staircase windows. Frosted window vinyl, on the other hand, is a much more cost-effective natural light solution. For an indication of just how affordable frosted window vinyl is, check out our easy-to-use pricing calculator for a quick cost estimate.

Frosted window vinyl is more attractive – and more durable – than curtains and blinds.

Blinds and curtains can look dated and old-fashioned. In addition, they fade and lose condition over time, becoming tatty and unsightly. Blinds in particular can be fiddly and prone to breaking. There are few things more annoying than contending with blinds with broken strings or bent and mangled slats.

In contrast, frosted window vinyl decals are sophisticated and attractive, transforming any glass surface into a creative work of art. Quality frosted window vinyl won’t fade, discolour, peel or bubble. Top quality frosted window vinyl suppliers offer a 10-year warranty on their vinyl decals – and you can expect these decals to last much longer than 10 years.

Blinds and curtains are hard to keep clean.

Blinds are notorious dust and grime collectors, and attempting to clean between the slats is an absolute nightmare. Curtains are even more odious to clean – especially the long, thick ones.

Frosted window vinyl requires nothing more than a quick wipe with ordinary window cleaner to be kept sparkling clean. In addition, frosted window vinyl masks the water marks commonly left by rain on glass.

With contemporary window dressing options such as frosted window vinyl available – which offers all the benefits of traditional window coverings without any of the drawbacks – there’s really no reason to ever buy blinds and curtains ever again.

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