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Window Art provides a contemporary take on privacy glass with our high quality window vinyl frosting. We offer a great compromise between the views you want to enjoy and the areas you want to shield from prying eyes. Choose Window Art\’s vinyl frosting for your windows – backed by a 10-year guarantee – and enjoy an expensive-looking decorative effect plus a multitude of benefits.

Window Art Offers You Customised Privacy

Window vinyl can give you just the right amount of privacy in your home. You are able to hide imperfect views, limit visibility through the internal windows, provide your bathroom and toilet with ample privacy and  still allow for  natural light to stream in.

Window Art Guarantees You a Gorgeous Interior

With the backing of a ten-year guarantee, the vinyl frosting offered by Window Art will last a lifetime. You can enjoy custom-designed vinyl frosting that will withstand the test of time and is unaffected by not only ‘wear and tear’ but also by heat and moisture.

Window Art Offers Eco-Friendly Solutions

The glass in windows and doors are energy wasters but with Window Art’s vinyl frosting you can enjoy great cost and energy savings. Frosted vinyl filters 95% of harmful UV rays protecting your furniture and carpets and has insulating properties.

Be Inspired…


Why worry with fussy blinds or dust-collecting curtains when
you can have hassle-free frosted window film? By using
window film throughout your home you are able to maximise
the natural lighting in the space. This will also create a
flow of design throughout your windows and glass doors.
Window film also customises your privacy.



Using vinyl decals in your bathroom design is an excellent
way of ensuring all your privacy needs are met.
The vinyl decals can be created to meet your bathroom design
needs and turn the glass into a real feature in the space.
The vinyl decals don’t become transparent when wet which
means that privacy is retained at all times.



Frosted glass doors can look really smart if treated with a
frosted design. In older homes, you can often see frosted
designs on glass doors that have been sandblasted.
Sandblasting is not an ideal treatment as it damages the
glass, thereby weakening it. To replicate decorative
sandblasting you can use frosted vinyl decals.



Any glass can be treated with privacy window film, for
instance, even mirrors can be treated with vinyl decals
which turn them into conversation pieces in your home.
Privacy window has many different benefits but most
importantly it is a long-lasting, hard-wearing treatment
that will create a gorgeous aesthetic in your home.


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