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Pinterest is a great tool for those of us that are stuck in a creative rut. We’ve all been there, feeling as if we’ve lost our magical mojo, whether you’re a creative director or stay-at-home-mom, we could all do with an inspiration-pick-me-up at this point. And sharing a few window design Pinterest boards will surely give you that ‘lightbulb’ moment.

Windows as an architectural wonder

Archello’s Pinterest board simply entitled ‘window’ features windows as architectural design wonders, showing the world that a hole in the wall can be a work of art. For example the board features an odd window façades that looks like a bee’s hive, but are in actual-fact floating booths for the Prahran hotel. And this dainty holiday home’s main feature is a large window that acts like a sun-soaker and provides the homeowner with a wide view of their suburb.

A window board that makes you feel as if you’re a cat perched on a window sill

Fiona Crawford offers Pinterest users a first-person view of window sill pins, making you feel as if you’re a cat staring out into the world. You are put into the shoes of a homeowner you will never meet, but experience their memories and unique stories. Perhaps this board is her form of escapism.

A window sill as a piece of art

As an artist, Martha Hopkins Skarlingki’s window board features windows that are accented with some form of artistry, whether it’s a pot plant, flowers on the outside window sill, different coloured walls, old walls or a beautifully designed window sill,  you can see this artist’s take on what the outside of a window sill should look like.

Decorating with old windows

Being that one of prime purposes of Pinterest is to revamp things and create stunning end-products, follow this board to learn how to turn your old windows laying around into something better, like a coffee table, a kitchen cabinet, a wall picture frame holder, used for wall art or a new take on a chalk board.

‘Let there be light’

What we like about Jack Travis’ window Pinterest board is that he knows the importance of a window letting optimal light into a room. According to Houzz, “Lighting is a telltale sign of design quality and one of the most affordable ways to update your home without busting your budget. It sets a mood and helps define a style. Without it, important architectural details, artwork and focal points fall flat and unnoticed.” Read our blog on how to set the right mood in your room using lighting and other décor elements.

Windows come in all shapes and size

Mollie’s window design board caught our eye because it teaches us not to think of windows in the traditional ‘square box’ design. Windows come in all shapes and sizes. Round, triangle, square or could even be 3D such as an oriel window.

Seeing all these stunning windows makes us want to splash a little window film on them to give them a contemporary look. And we aren’t afraid of those hard to reach corners with oddly shaped windows either. Windows on their own are beautiful, but if you want to up your décor, want more privacy, or to shield your furniture from the sun, then a touch of window film is what you need. Download our home renovations guide for a jolt of pure inspiration.

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