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What was your school like as a child? Did you spend your days surrounded by drab concrete, paved quads and sterile, hospital-like passages? Too many schools have depressingly bland décor; it’s no wonder that some children feel like prisoners when they’re at school.

Other schools, however, are absolutely beautiful. There are gardens outside, art everywhere and the walls are painted with bright, uplifting colours. These schools ooze creativity, and we believe that beautiful, creative surrounding inspire children to be more creative themselves.

Simply being surrounded by art and beauty inspires creativity.

Your surroundings can have a profound effect on your moods and thoughts. Taking this into account, it follows that school and classroom décor should be an important consideration; our children spend the majority of the week inside these buildings, after all.

There’s a reason why we love gazing at beautiful sunsets and moving artworks. Being surrounded by beauty and art is uplifting. It makes us feel good and it also inspires us to be more creative ourselves.

This is why the importance of art and beauty in the schoolroom shouldn’t be underestimated. Exposing our children to great art, innovative design and beauty for the sake of beauty from early on is essential to producing well-rounded, ambitious and inspired students and human beings.

Window frosting designs allow you to bring art and beauty into your school’s décor scheme.

There are many ways to incorporate art into school and classroom décor; display gorgeous artworks (both those done by the children themselves and those done by professional artists), play around with the colours of the walls, install sculptures or art installations in quads and foyers and regularly host theatres and plays for the children.

Another way to easily incorporate art into the classroom is to install beautiful window frosting designs on classroom windows. We’ve talked about how window film can be used in schools as an educational tool before, but window frosting designs are also brilliant for simply beautifying educational settings.

Window frosting designs can depict natural imagery and animals, geometrical shapes, intricate designs, ornate lettering and much more.

In fact, window frosting designs can depict just about anything; designing decorative window vinyl allows for a lot of creativity. Why not get the children involved and run an art competition for designing each classroom’s window frosting designs? The winning design can then be modified and adapted by a window vinyl design professional if necessary in order to ensure that it is compatible.

In order to inspire creativity in the classroom, choose window frosting designs that have natural themes, such as forest scenes, underwater scenes, beach scenes and so on. Nature has always inspired artists, poets and writers. Reinforcing children’s connection to the outdoors and nature is now more important than ever, as more and more of our lives are spent indoors, behind a computer or starting at the screen of a smart phone.

Alternatively, designs that play around with geometrical shapes, patterns and lines in innovative and funky ways are great for stimulating children’s enquiring minds. Including lettering in window frosting designs can be particularly powerful too. Choose inspirational quotes about art, creativity and beauty and you may just inspire a child to pursue their dream of becoming a famous artist.

Block out ugly, depressing views with window frosting designs.

If a classroom window looks out onto a beautiful garden or great vista, then the view is probably worth preserving. In this case, you can still install window frosting designs; just choose designs that don’t block out the view entirely.

If the view is unattractive, on the other hand, you may choose to install window frosting designs that block out the view almost completely. In this way, you can replace a depressing, ugly view with a beautiful and creative frosted window vinyl design.

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