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Just as you ready your wardrobe for the coming summer season, you could also look to readying your home. Refreshing your interior décor to suit the season is nothing new. However, if you have never attempted a seasonal switch up of style before, it can be daunting.

There are summertime-inspired interior décor ideas aplenty online. They range from incorporating a vibrant, coloured rug to using wood panelling on your walls. We have put together four interior décor ideas that we think are affordable and, most importantly, easily achieved.

1. Update your colour scheme

A simple update of colour around your home can do wonders for encouraging a more summery feel. Common interior décor ideas suggest a splash of colour through the use of scatter cushions, patterned crockery or colourful feature items such as vases.

We like the idea of using removable cushions for the seating at your table. You can do this at your indoor dining room table as well as your outdoor dining layout. Two sets of cushions – one for winter and one for summer – used interchangeably to match two different looks is a simple way to create a specific colour scheme and style for each season.

If you are adept at using a paintbrush, updating some functional pieces with a splash of paint at the change of season is a simple enough way to restyle a tired piece. Investing in metal or wooden pieces from thrift shops that you are happy to paint and repurpose can prove to be a cost-effective way to introduce fresh features into your home. Use high gloss paint for a reflective, shiny and plush finish.

2. Laminate your flooring

Laminated flooring has been given some good press recently – and understandably so. It can mimic virtually any type of natural hardwood material but is hardwearing and easy to clean. Should you accidentally damage the laminate flooring it is easily amended, as only the damaged plank needs to be removed and replaced.

Quality laminate flooring is scratch and wear resistant and can be cleaned with most common cleaning products. It is also proven to be a healthier option as common dust allergies are eliminated. The dirt and dust is easily seen, encouraging a quick clean up at all times. It is also naturally resistant to the growth of mildew and mould.

For a summer style update, we think laminate flooring is a great option – not only does it look great but it is cooler than carpeting and not as cold as tiles.

3. Optimise the use of your windows and mirrors

Interior décor ideas for summertime style underpin the idea of maximising natural light in the home environment. It makes sense to take full advantage of summer’s sunlight to brighten up your home.

To fully optimise the use of natural light, you need to consider your windows and strategically place your mirrors. Uncovering your windows by removing your blinds or curtains and installing frosted vinyl decals will protect you from UV rays, maintain your privacy and reduce glare but still allow for maximum natural lighting.

Once your windows are uncovered, you’ll see a dramatic difference as the natural light illuminates your home. However, if you find that you don’t have enough windows and would like to enhance the natural lighting in your home, you can do so with mirrors. Mirrors that are strategically placed to reflect the light streaming through the windows will create far-reaching illumination throughout the room.

4. Refresh your tiled areas

Interior design ideas are not only about adding more to the home to refresh style but also about working with what you already have at your disposal.

The grouting in the tiled areas in your home is very difficult to keep fresh and clean. No matter how lovely your tile design or how clean, if the grouting is grubby or marked then the whole area will look less than smart. We suggest repainting your grouting, taking it back to the clean white it was originally. It takes a bit of time but is a fairly simple process. All you need is grouting paint and a toothbrush. The toothbrush is used as a paintbrush and helps you to be accurate. Any excess paint that gets onto the tiles is easily wiped off.

Alternatively, if you originally chose a darker grouting when installing your tiles, painting the grouting white could brighten up the room considerably.

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