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Vinyl frosting is when a layer of top quality vinyl film with a frosted look is applied to any glass surface, for example a window, door, shower screen or glass wall. A wide range of designs can be etched into the vinyl making that particular part see-through. The rest of the covering has a frosted, opaque look.

Window film can be applied to any smooth glass surface so this means shower screens, windows, skylights, doors, glass walls, kitchen cupboards, fish tanks and more!

How does your service work?

Typically you would browse our website and use our pricing calculator to get a cost estimate. You would then book an appointment and we would visit you to take measurements. We would then mock up your design – from our existing design gallery or your own custom motif – and agree the final look with you. We would then come and install it at your home or office.

Which designs can I use?

You can choose from our wide range of existing designs or we can create a custom design for you – whatever you can think of.

What are the main benefits of vinyl frosting?

The main benefits include making glass private from neighbours/passersby, offering an alternative to blinds and curtains, stopping your furniture from fading and being an easier way to achieve the frosted look than sandblasting.

Is vinyl frosting easy to clean?

Vinyl decals are designed to resist fingerprints and grime, masks water and rain marks really well and cleans just as easily as any type of glass – with water and window cleaner.

How long does vinyl frosting last?

We offer a 10-year guarantee but as vinyl is applied on the inside of the glass, it should – in normal circumstances – last you a lifetime.

Does vinyl frosting offer any insulation?

Vinyl decals retain warmth in winter – slowing the transfer of heat through glass – keeps out summer’s heat and softens harsh sunlight. It lets in 93% of natural light whereas blinds only let in 75-80% of light. It filters 95% of UV rays, which fade carpets and curtains.

What is sandblasting and what is vinyl frosting?

Sandblasting is etching a design into glass using machinery and chemicals. Vinyl frosting is a layer of vinyl with a frosted appearance that is stuck onto glass – windows, doors, glass walls, kitchen cupboards and more.

How are vinyl decals applied and how is sandblasting done?

Sandblasting uses specialised machinery and chemicals to blast a motif onto glass. Glass panels usually have to be removed from your premises for this process. If not, it’s a very messy procedure that also weakens your glass, taking up to 2mm off the surface/thickness of the glass. Vinyl is cut to size at our premises, designs are etched out and then it is installed at your home or office. Vinyls can easily be removed if you ever change your mind.

What are the benefits of vinyl frosting vs. sandblasting?

Mainly, vinyl frosting won’t damage your glass, is suitable for all kinds of glass, and is non-permanent, more cost effective and less messy. You can read the full list of benefits here.

Useful Vinyl Frosting Downloadable Resources

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