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The green building industry has really boomed in the last decade, providing both corporates and private individuals with solutions to reduce their carbon footprint and make their actions more sustainable. The Leadership in Energy and Environmental Design (LEED) certification programme awards the construction of building that make use of energy efficient material and fittings. And according to a report by Green Building Education Services, as of August 2015 more than 13.8 billion square feet of building space worldwide has been LEED-certified with this figure increasing daily. It’s evident from the figures that the world is shifting towards providing a greener, more sustainable environment.

One of the green building industry’s biggest gatherings of environmental industry experts, The Greenbuild Expo, takes place from the 5th to the 7th October in sunny Los Angeles, California. A celebration of people and places that evolve to stand the test of time, the conference is promising to showcase all the latest in the green building industry.

Here are some of the events to look out for at Greenbuild 2016:

Communities & Affordable Homes Summit

The summit seeks to highlight how sustainability assists in social equity, health and economic opportunity. The community and sustainability leaders will share knowledge and engage in brainstorming on ideas of how to achieve these ideals.

International Summit

World leaders in sustainability will gather to discuss how we can not only create green buildings, but entire green cities through the key pillars of energy, infrastructure, investment, government, and people. The sessions will each look into different projects, policies, and technologies used to drive innovation in cities.

Builder Sustainability Forum

The day-long forum is a high-level educational and training session on how design, architecture, and engineering can comes together to create homes and neighborhoods that help people to live in a more sustainable way. Thought leaders will discuss how resource constraints can be solved through the application of technology-aided design.

Materials Think Tank

The history of how the production of materials and products have been revolutionised by innovation and technology is at the core of this session. It will also give an overview of the current state in the building materials industry, and what we can expect from future innovations.

Eco-friendly designs and building materials are the way forward in the sustainability movement

Whether you’re fortunate enough to attend the Greenbuild Expo or not, we all have a responsibility to contribute to greener living spaces. With new technology and innovation driving green building solutions, it is becoming more accessible and affordable to implement in our offices and homes. The pressure on non-renewable energy resources means that we need to reduce our consumption.

One of the best ways to do so is by using the materials you already have and optimising their capabilities. By applying window film to windows and glass in your building you greatly reduce the need for heating and cooling devices. The film acts as an insulator and also protects your interior against harmful UV rays. Window frosting is also incredibly durable and replaces the need for blinds and curtains that become tatty over time and need to be replaced.

Download our Corporate Infographic to find out how window film can help you create sustainable and bespoke glass features in your office space.

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