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Since technically our office is our second home, we should do everything in our power to make it as comfortable as possible. An obvious benefit of a healthy workplace is a reduction in employee absenteeism, this has a positive effect on your staff turnover and recruitment costs. Other benefits include an increase in productivity, business performance and employee morale. Here’s how to improve your working environment by including a few new office products.


According to My Office Magazine, the Montblanc launched during Berlin’s technology fair IFA “merges technology and the charm of using pen and paper.” The augmented paper allows handwritten notes to be transferred into any mobile device and can be edited or shared. This product is perfect for anyone that loves the feeling of writing on paper, but can still enjoy the benefits of the digital world.

Recording device

If, however, you the kind of person who is tired of having to take down minutes of a meeting then a digital voice recorder will be your best friend. This digital recorder has built in WiFi and mobile connection capabilities. You can record and take photos that can then be stored on your smartphone. Even if you are far away from the speaker the clever recorder is still able to capture the clearest recordings.

Office chair

The Freedom chair designed by Niels Different has won 10 international awards for its’ sleek design and user-friendliness. Once this office chair is fitted no more adjustments are needed. A pivoting backrest will automatically adjust to your spine and the seat’s cushions will mimic your body naturally.

Standing desk (with seat)

There has been an increase in the use of standing desks in the office. In an article entitled Is Sitting the New Smoking, the author states that sitting for prolonged periods of time is linked to numerous health problems including cardiovascular disease. Paul Griffiths from Safco described standing desks in the Interior Design magazine, “they provide a third posture for leaning or perching that no one else has addressed. The seats provide users the benefits of standing while allowing a more neutral posture that may reduce some of stresses that standing puts on the body.” For this reason, a lot of companies are incorporating sit-to-stand desks. Desk Stand offers portable desk standing products that employees can carry around with them, or they can be left in a single spot so that anyone can use them.


Mistrys, the pine furniture specialists have a range of pine furniture that has a homey feeling, making it perfect for a home office. If you are going for a more traditional country feeling, then Vryheid Country Furniture is the way to go. And Inspiration Office gives you a variety of office products and furniture that is designed for collaboration and creativity.

Window decals

When it comes to considering office products, screens are your greatest ally. More importantly screens that cover your windows – is there such a thing? Yes, it’s called window decals. This film is perfect for the office because it blocks out unwanted attention so that employees can focus on their work. Window decals are functional as well as aesthetically appealing as they can be used as a branded feature or decorative display in addition to the added privacy you will receive. If you crave more information on our installation process, then download our corporate branding guide.

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