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Window Art provides a contemporary take on privacy glass with our high quality window vinyl frosting.

Heat reduction

Vinyl slows the transfer of heat through the glass and filters 95% of UV rays, which fade furniture, carpets and curtains.

Natural lighting

Enjoy all the benefits of natural lighting by adding Window Art’s top quality window vinyl frosting to your glass features.

UV protection

Window vinyl filters 95% of UV rays, which fade furniture, carpets and curtains, and are harmful to your skin.

Alternative to shutters

Consider the more cost effective alternative to shutters to add privacy to your home, in a range of elegant designs.

Temporary office

Window Art’s frosted window decals is non-permanent and easy to remove, making it perfect for temporary offices.

High quality

Our high quality frosted glass film is backed by a 10-year guarantee so you’re assured unrivalled customer service from Window Art.


Our top quality frosting makes the most of energy efficient glass windows and doors.

Glare reduction

Window Art’s anti-glare film significantly reduces the glare of the sun, making it comfortable to work or watch TV near uncovered windows or doors.


Window Decals helps to retain warmth in winter by adding a layer of attractive insulation to glass, which also slows the transfer of heat.

Alternative to blinds & curtains

Now there is a more attractive option for privacy – and without the expense of old-fashioned curtains and blinds.

Alternative to sandblasting

Window Decals are quick and easy to fix to existing glass, and do not damage or weaken glass like sandblasting.


Choose the trendy new way to give your glass a timeless frosted look – get privacy and don’t sacrifice your views.

Custom design

Whatever motif you can think of, our design specialists can make it happen and have it etched in top quality frosted window decals.

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