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Window tinting can be achieved with coloured glass film, stained glass, glass etching or frosted window vinyl. With summertime just around the corner, window tinting may just be the ideal way to update your home’s style while maximising sunlight.

Using frosted window vinyl is an easy way to implement window tinting into your home. It’s affordable, protective, insulating and timeless. Plus, it looks really stylish and chic.

We have chosen three awesome ways in which to update three different rooms in your home:

1. Tinting the glass in your kitchen with frosted vinyl is a ‘no mess no fuss’ exercise.

The kitchen is often the most social area in our homes and kitchen design has come a long way because of this fact. New ways of creating an inviting and accommodating feel to the kitchen area have been found while still allowing it to remain a functional area for food preparation.

Using glass in the kitchen can give it a really modern look. We suggest inserting glass panes in your cupboard doors and decorating them with frosted vinyl decals. Your kitchen cupboards will be suitably updated and if you have a lot of cupboard space the use of glass panes will prevent the ‘boxed in’ look and feel.

Throw out the old material, plastic, wood or metal blinds and use frosted window vinyl across your windowpanes. This will brighten up your kitchen as frosted window vinyl promotes the flow of natural light. For a solid design element match the designs on the cupboards and the windows. Window vinyl is easy to install, easy to remove and most importantly easy to clean.

2. Remove the dolphin stickers and update your outside entertainment and braai area.

It could be said that the South African braai season really kicks off with Braai Day on the 24 September. With that in mind, it’s time to pay a bit of attention to your braai room, patio and outside entertainment area.

Sliding doors are the most popular doorway installations in these areas of the house. Frosted window vinyl is most suitable for this type of glass. The vinyl decals are non-damaging to glass of any kind and they offer UV protection and curb the harsh glare of the sunlight.

How many times have you walked into your sliding door? This is a hazard in many homes and a beautiful vinyl decal will help to prevent this from happening again. Frosted vinyl window tinting also offers privacy, which is often a concern when installing sliding doors. The privacy will assist in warding off burglars and any criminal opportunists scouting the area. So we suggest you remove your dolphin stickers – optimally placed to prevent anyone from slamming into the sliding door when closed – and replace them with window vinyl decals designed to tint and protect.

3. The bedroom is one area where privacy should never be a concern

Your bedroom is, and should always be, a special room in your home. This is where you rest, relax, recoup and rejuvenate. It is a private area and should be styled with privacy in mind.
During the daytime, open, expansive windows with a conventional tint using window film offers a flood of natural light into the space and provides the right amount of privacy. However, once the lights are turned on at night, that privacy falls away. The best solution for window tinting in the bedroom is vinyl frosting. Day or night, frosted windows will keep you covered.

Frosted window tinting has a clean and uncluttered look that can make a room appear spacious and larger than it really is. Using a design that is mimicked on the mirrors and cupboard doors with glass pane inserts will create a stylish flow throughout the room. If you have an en suite bathroom attached to the bedroom, you can continue the design into the bathroom. This creates a stylistic connection between the two areas.

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