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Using corporate window film in the office is becoming more popular as corporate trends call for creating more open and collaborative work environments.

It has been found that this type of work environment makes for a more productive workforce and supports the wellbeing of your employees. Read this article from Forbes magazine about creating a productive workspace, here.

A bright and naturally illuminated office space can be achieved by using corporate window film in your work environment.

No more closed-off offices and boxed-in cubicles. Spaces that create flow, include colours and make every effort to encourage the comfort of your office staff are all the rage. Allowing the outside environment to influence your indoor workspace, through the use of natural light and an expansive visual aesthetic, will go a long way to achieving this ideal. Do this by doing away with curtains and blinds and using window film instead.

Natural lighting in the office space will keep your employees, and your profit margins, happy.

One of the key elements of creating an office space that supports the wellbeing of your employees and encourages productivity is the use of natural lighting to illuminate the work area. Corporates are completely taken with this idea – and for good reason too. Not only does natural light increase productivity, it also reduces your monthly electricity expenses by reducing the use of artificial lighting.

Blinds and curtains could curtail your plans for natural lighting and incorporating the outdoors inside.

There is no point in choosing an office space that offers excellent natural lighting and then furnishing it with blinds and curtains. This will only shut out the light and close off the outdoors. Using window film, on the other hand, is ideal as it will not shut out any light and will bring the outdoors inside. Plus, there are many other benefits to choosing corporate window film over curtains or blinds.

Corporate window film is a great choice for natural lighting, but does the product you’ve chosen also offer the following benefits?

When choosing a corporate window film for your office space, you should list your priorities in order of importance and ensure you choose a product that will meet these concerns. Of course, making use of natural lighting is on top of that list. However, a top quality corporate window film product can offer so much more:

Glare protection

The corporate window film you choose must ward off the sun’s glare entirely. There is nothing more irritating and uncomfortable than not being able to see properly when working on a computer, iPad or presentation screen.

The right amount of privacy

The window treatment you choose must allow for the right amount of privacy for your needs. While open and collaborative spaces are ideal, it is unrealistic to think that privacy is not necessary. Your boardrooms and offices that handle sensitive information (such as your HR department) and kitchen area will require a certain amount of privacy for the area to remain comfortable. Furthermore, your windows that face the outside must include a privacy factor, for protection purposes, if nothing else.

Protection from harmful UV rays

This is equally important as allowing for natural light, creating privacy and reducing glare in your office space. The damage that the sun can cause to your employees and your furniture alike is severe. You should choose a product that offers maximum protection against UV rays.

Insulating properties

The corporate window film you decide to install in your office environment should offer an insulation benefit. Ideally, to really reduce the monthly electricity bill of your company you must reduce the use of air conditioners too. In the summer months, the window film should keep the area cool and by the same token, keep the warmth in during the winter months.

The dual benefit of design and functionality

Lastly, you should consider a product that is malleable enough to meet your design or branding requirements. After all, if you are going to make use of corporate window film throughout your entire office, both on the interior and exterior, you should have the opportunity to incorporate a design element or use it to brand the office with your logo, design and culture.

Window Art’s frosted vinyl decals can meet all of the needs mentioned above. To read more about our capabilities and the benefits our product offers, please see our business solutions page or download our Office Design and Corporate Branding Guide on the bottom of the page.

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